Spring (Marina Minaeva) remix 26th Apr 2013
Spring (Marina Minaeva) remix

A Russian DJ site offered this vocal when they ran a remix contest a few years back. I downloaded the file, but never got around to actually making a remix until now. Unfortunately it seems that the artist, Marina Minaeva (or Марина Минаева - how awesome is the Russian alphabet!), no longer has an active website. I hope she hasn't given up music, since she has an attractive voice, I think. In fact I have a few other of her vocal tracks I downloaded at the same time, so I may well remix those one day too.

The absence of her website, coupled with my non-existent grasp of the Russian language, made finding more information about this track difficult. In truth, I'm not even one hundred per cent sure that is Marina in the photo, but I'm assuming she would be the one on the right. As for the lyrics, let's pretend that they are about Mikhail Bulgakov novels or the harsh beauty of the steppes or something - though the song's title, Весна, apparently means 'Spring', so that might be unlikely.

Anyway, the remix is below. Enjoy!

Marina Minaeva - Spring (James Merrifield remix)
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