Seasons (Ayumi Hamasaki) remix 12th Mar 2013
Seasons (Ayumi Hamasaki) remix

Apologies for the lack of new remixes on this site recently. A large part of this is sadly due to the paucity of good quality remix opportunities nowadays. Fortunately the trusty annual Ayumi Hamasaki remix contest came around again this month, so I got to remix this sweet Japanese pop ballad for you. Once again my tremolo guitar and glockenspiel combination got an airing, along with a bit of Mellotron organ, and my newest purchase, a VST version of the Crumar Performer synth (which is great because now I can pretend to be Nick Rhodes).

Click below to listen to the remix. Regular visitors will know that normally at this point I like to give you a link to buy the original version as well, but Ayumi Hamasaki's albums seem to be quite hard to get hold of over here. However, 'Seasons' can be found on her compilation CD Best (the cover depicts Ayumi shedding a tear, perhaps after seeing the album's current £32 price tag on Amazon UK).

Ayumi Hamasaki - Seasons (James Merrifield remix)
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