Everybody Breaks a Glass (Lights) remix 21st Sep 2012
Everybody Breaks a Glass (Lights) remix

This is my fourth and final remix from Lights' Siberia album, and I think it's possibly the best of the lot. The electronic dubstep-ish stuff in the verses have been replaced by a solid rock riff, and then the choruses melt into a light and creamy guitar-based variation of the melody from the original. Then the heavy guitars come back and battle it out with the rapper dude in the middle eight. So, a bit of a mixture of styles overall, but I think it works. Listen for yourself below.

Oh, and if after three of these spiels encouraging you to buy Lights' excellent Siberia album you still haven't done so, here is my final exhortation: go get it now!

Thanks for listening.

Lights - Everybody Breaks a Glass (James Merrifield remix)
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