The Black Lodge (Foe cover) 13th Jul 2012
The Black Lodge (Foe cover)

Here's a song about children getting lost in the woods and possibly eaten by witches. Today also happens to be Friday the 13th. Coincidence? That's just what Satan wants you to think!

So, yes. Demonic influences aside, I recorded this version of Foe's 'The Black Lodge' for a cover song contest held by the artist. Foe's debut album, Bad Dream Hotline, came out earlier this year - and it's really good. 'The Black Lodge' is also my favourite track, so the contest was a good excuse to release my inner goth upon it. Tragically my voice resisted all attempts at a non-hilarious Andrew Eldritch impersonation, so I basically scrapped that idea and just did my regular indie rock thing instead. Check out the results below.

Foe's original version of 'The Black Lodge' is track seven on Bad Dream Hotline, which you can preview and purchase here. Foe also has vinyl and other stuff available from her own site.

Incidentally, the cover song contest runs until the end of July, so if you fancy having a go yourself, you can submit your own version here.

James Merrifield - The Black Lodge (Foe cover)
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