Toes (Lights) remix 29th Mar 2012
Toes (Lights) remix

Have you ever suffered a severe case of lyric blindness? I must have heard the vocal to this song a hundred times in the course of remixing it, and despite the fact that it was clear as day in front of me, I could never work out what that third line said. 'Like you make pie in a ring'? What? Surely you make pie in a dish, not a ring. I had to look it up. 'Like a magpie and a ring'. D'oh! And that's a really lovely line, too. I feel such an idiot.

Anyway, back to the remix. My version doesn't stray very far from the original in terms of structure and melody. I did my usual thing with the guitars, drums, and bass, so the result is not that dissimilar from my previous remixes of 'Come Back Clean' or 'Paparazzi'. But there are some cool swirly effects going on in the background that you might like, and I think on the whole it sits nicely alongside my two existing Lights remixes. Speaking of which, I'm not quite yet done with remixing Lights. I have just one more song from Siberia to offer you, which I'll upload in a few weeks. It's a little different for me, and perhaps even the best of the lot...

In the meantime, thank you for listening, and if you haven't yet purchased Lights' excellent Siberia album, you can rectify that grievous error >here<.

Lights - Toes (James Merrifield remix)
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