Banner (Lights) remix 23rd Jan 2012
Banner (Lights) remix

Here is the second of my Lights remixes. To be fair, 'Banner' is probably one of the weaker tracks on the excellent Siberia album. The original production tries to push the song in a contemporary electronic direction, with some dubstep-ish elements thrown in, but it's easy to hear that underneath all this it just wants to be a big ol' pop ballad. So that's exactly what you get with my remix. I was careful to restrain my inner Peter Cetera (legend though he is) so as to prevent the song becoming a parody of itself, hence the remix is lacking the wailing guitars or big piano chords you might be expecting when the chorus hits. Instead, I filled the space with tremolo guitars, a hammond organ, and some nice swirling effects courtesy of the excellent free ValhallaFreqEcho VST. Hope you like the result, and thanks for listening.

Lights - Banner (James Merrifield remix)
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