Siberia (Lights) remix 20th Dec 2011
Siberia (Lights) remix

With rampant piracy and falling record sales, today's musicians are often encouraged to seek income from advertising and sponsorship deals. Therefore, I'm pitching this remix squarely at the Siberian Tourist Board. "Where the wind is cold and angry - Siberia!" Catchy, huh?

Brick Tamland may love lamp, but I love Lights. I generally try to find something nice to say about all the artists I remix, but Lights' Siberia is truly one of my favourite albums of the year. And if I may be allowed a little pride, some of my love for Lights' music extends to this remix, because I think it's one of my better efforts. It's kind of noisy and sparkly at the same time, and it moves at a reasonable pace, so you won't get bored.

You can download the MP3 below, or click here to compare with and purchase Lights' original version from her Siberia album.

Lights - Siberia (James Merrifield remix)
 [ download mp3 ]

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