Weekend (Class Actress) remix 23rd Sep 2011
Weekend (Class Actress) remix

Here's a remix of a song by new synth pop act Class Actress. I'm not sure if Class Actress is a band or just singer Elizabeth Harper controlling all the keyboards and mechanical oojamaflips on her own. A few years back Harper released an eponymous solo album filled with classic pop songs, unfortunately somewhat neglected by the music press at the time. Happily the songwriting here for Class Actress seems as strong as ever, although predictably I must admit I prefer the indie guitar-based approach on her earlier material to the current synth-orientated 80s retro sound. I hope she still likes indie bands, because for the duration of this remix she's in one.

The instrumentation came together very quickly, and I didn't fuss over the recording, arrangement, or mix. It's just straight-up indie rock. How indie rock? Well, I recorded fourteen tracks of guitars and didn't even bother to tune up - that's how indie rock! It's got fuzzy tremolo noises, varying amounts of overdrive and distortion, spring reverb, that kind of thing. The remix breaks no new ground, but if you liked my earlier mix of Metric's 'Front Row', consider filing this effort beside it on your hard drive.

Class Actress's debut album comes out next month, and you can purchase it from Amazon here. The Elizabeth Harper album is also available to buy here.

Class Actress - Weekend (James Merrifield remix)
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