Radiohead remix played on KCRW 11th Dec 2008
Radiohead remix played on KCRW

Many thanks to Jason Bentley at KCRW, who has been playing Chart Ready Reckoner, my remix of Radiohead's Reckoner, on his Morning Becomes Eclectic radio show this week. I've no idea how he discovered it - their playlist must be eclectic indeed! - but it was a very nice surprise to hear that the track had got some airtime. Thanks also to all the people who have emailed me since to tell me about it and to enquire about the track. I'll shortly be uploading the track to the Music Downloads section of this site, so please check back very soon for that.

Morning Becomes Eclectic airs 9am-12noon on 89.9FM in the Los Angeles area, and is also broadcast online at (5pm-8pm here in the UK). I'll try and tune in to more of their shows in the future; it's certainly encouraging to know that there are still DJs and radio stations out there who are prepared to spend time unearthing new tracks and playing whatever they enjoy listening to regardless of label involvement.