Pick Up The Phone (Dragonette) remix 11th Oct 2009
Pick Up The Phone (Dragonette) remix

This was one of those happy occasions where I got to discover a great new band via their remix competition - which is precisely why they run them, I guess. The original version of Pick Up The Phone features the 80s production style so popular right now, but thankfully Dragonette also have the tune to back it up, finding the catchy chorus that eludes so many of their contemporaries.

Many of the choices I made when remixing this song were based around trying to accommodate the short echo that had already been grafted on to the vocal. I'm sure you'll notice it; the effect makes singer Martina Sorbara kind of sound like she is inside a small Turkish bath, and it works just fine in the context of the original mix, but such pre-determined effects treatment inevitably poses problems when trying to place the vocal alongside your own dry recorded tracks. In the end I chose an equally effects-laden approach for the instruments in order to blend everything together - which led me to channel the song into a vaguely Cure-esque direction. The Cure have always been a strong influence on my music, so it was good to be able to turn this remix into something of a homage. Hopefully you'll enjoy listening to it. For fans of both Dragonette and The Cure it should be, er, just like heaven...

The original Dragonette version of Pick Up The Phone can be found on their new album, Fixin to Thrill, which hits the UK on the 23rd of October.

Pick Up The Phone (James Merrifield remix)
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