My Brain (Rivers Cuomo) remix 20th Aug 2009
My Brain (Rivers Cuomo) remix

A Weezer remix! Hell yeah! Indaba Music recently made the vocal to this Rivers Cuomo song available for remixing, so as a long time Weezer fan I was pretty excited to be able to run my meagre production skills over it. I think everyone must have a soft spot for Weezer; they have a penchant for combining great tunes with a self-deprecating wit that anyone can appreciate.

It's probably fair to admit that in the pantheon of awesome songs penned by Rivers over the years, My Brain is Working Overtime is some way down the heirarchy. Still, when the great man offers up a song for remixing you grab it with both hands, even if it's essentially a home demo with the timing a little wonky and the vocals straying from pitch. In truth it's just as well that he chose such a song to give us, because had it been one of the Weezer classics I would probably have been stumped as to what to do with it. As it is, I just speeded the track up by a few beats-per-minute, and tried to the best of my ability to record the guitars, bass, and drums in a Weezer-esque way.

I had a couple of goes at this. What you can now hear in the music player and on the downloads page is my second attempt, in which I added a synth, changed most of the guitars, and created a different intro. I did this because in the end I figured the first version I had done sounded a bit too close to Photograph, from Weezer's Green Album - one of my favourite Weezer songs. You can download that initial remix here if you like. I consider the second version as the final and 'definitive' one though, so, to paraphrase those old movie trailers, if you only download one Rivers Cuomo remix today, make it that one.

If you want to compare mine to the original, that can be found on the second album of Rivers Cuomo demos and previously unreleased material, entitled Alone II: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo. There is also a cool video for the song here.

My Brain Is Working Overtime (James Merrifield remix)
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