Jungle Drum (Emiliana Torrini) remix 19th Jun 2009
Jungle Drum (Emiliana Torrini) remix

Way back in January I did a remix of Emiliana Torrini's Jungle Drum, so I've tidied it up a bit and uploaded it for you to hear. I think the label were probably looking for an electronic dance version, but this remix was about as far in the dance direction as I was prepared to go - that is, not very far at all! Having said that, you could certainly dance to my version after a few drinks, and I'd wager an indie-disco DJ could probably put this on without getting bottled off.

I had a kind of Lovefool-era Cardigans vibe in mind when I started. As usual I drifted a little from that remit once I got into it, but overall I think this is one of my better remixes. It did give me another chance to try out the wah-wah pedal, and the brass at the end is probably worth hanging around for.

Emiliana Torrini's original version of Jungle Drum can be found on her latest record, Me and Armini - a fine record, which you can purchase here.

Jungle Drum (James Merrifield remix)
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