Halloween (Ash) cover song 20th Oct 2008
Halloween (Ash) cover song

Recording Review are currently looking for Halloween song submissions for their latest recording competition, so I recorded this quick cover of the Ash song Halloween. In terms of lyrical content it's not actually very 'Halloweeny' for your typical Halloween song - I would probably have been better off choosing Vampire Love from the Ash catalogue if it was a bats-and-fiends kind of thing they were expecting - but it is one of my favourite Ash songs. It was only a B-side for Ash, which just shows the quality of the material they've output over the years. If you want to hear the original, I think it was the flip-side to the A Life Less Ordinary single, and is also available on their singles and B-sides compilation Intergalactic Sonic 7"s / Cosmic Debris.

My version tries to stay pretty close to the original. I dropped it down a couple of semitones for my voice, and added some harmonies and so on. So don't be scared. Just press play... (cue evil cackles of laughter)

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