Shoes Of Glass (Valery Gore) remix 14th Apr 2009
Shoes Of Glass (Valery Gore) remix

Prior to this remix contest I'd never heard of Valery Gore. From the photos on her website I quickly learnt that she sported a natty line in leafy headgear; also, that if we ever went out for lunch we shouldn't order the soup. Soon after that I discovered that she had a wonderful voice and some killer songs.

With a song like this, I think the vocal has to be given room to breathe. I originally planned a minimal, subtle backing track using just acoustic instruments and hand percussion - such as in the style of Laura Veirs, for example - but as the remix deadline loomed I just couldn't nail that approach to my satisfaction, and so eventually succumbed to the familiar allure of drums and electric guitars. Nevertheless, it worked out okay, don't you think? My favourite part is definitely Valery's harmony vocals at 2:29-3:00; I would have liked to have laid them under each chorus, as with the original song, but that became impossible once I had deviated from the original chords, and so I made them into a separate middle-eight.

The results can be streamed or downloaded below, and also on the Music page. You'll find the original version of Shoes Of Glass - a little faster and more upbeat than my remix, unusually - on Valery Gore's latest album, Avalanche to Wandering Bear. (Lovely title, that.)

Shoes Of Glass (James Merrifield remix)
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