Lali (Exsonvaldes) remix 4th Apr 2009
Lali (Exsonvaldes) remix

This is a remix that came together pretty quickly. The lead vocal track already had a touch of reverb recorded on it, and amongst the other vocal parts were some nice extended ambient effects, so I decided to try for something vaguely shoegazy. I was aiming for the kind of reverb-soaked heavily-overdriven guitar bands of the early 90's - My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Ride, et al, or modern equivalents such as the excellent Blonde Redhead.

I kept the original drum track as the backbone of the song, and layered a simple kick and snare over the top for emphasis. All the overdriven guitar parts and bass were really just scratch demos that I had laid down quickly, intending to re-record them more carefully later when I had more time to think it over. In the end, though, they seemed to do the trick, and so I kept them all as is. Then I just wanted to add some top-end sparkle to finish it all off. I probably spent longer trying to find a decent metallic percussion sound for this remix than I did recording the guitars. Eventually I used the triangle sample in Halion One. For future use I should probably buy a real one, seeing as they're only 2 quid. Though ranked below even the humble guiro in the infant school percussion heirarchy, once you get over the stigma of feeling like you're five years old again and musically inept, the triangle is actually quite a useful little sound!

Anyway, I hope you like the end result. Exsonvaldes' new album, Near the Edge of Something Beautiful, is certainly worth checking out too, which is where you'll find their original version of Lali, a tight and melodic slice of indie pop. And if you want to try your own remix of Lali, the parts are available from the Fairtilizer website here.

Lali (James Merrifield remix)
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