January update 28th Jan 2009

I managed to catch the flu virus that's been doing the rounds at the moment, hence the lack of updates this month. My apologies. Singing was certainly off the agenda, so I had to put my own songs to one side for a while and temporarily retreat back to mucking around with other people's music instead. I managed to cobble together two remixes, one of Emiliana Torrini's Jungle Drum and one of Ayumi Hamasaki's Powder Snow, both of which I'm fairly pleased with. Unfortunately I can't post them for you all here until their respective competitions are over, but hopefully you'll get to hear them in due course.

There's also now an improved remix of Mis Amigos in the music player, and a higher-quality version available on the Music Downloads page. I changed a few bits in the middle-eight, and added some better trumpets, ditching the old Mellotron ones (still a great sound for certain things) in favour of the new virtual trumpets from Giorgio Tommasini and Peter Siedlaczek - so now the track has fake 'real' trumpets as opposed to real 'fake' ones. I think you'll agree it's an improvement.

Elsewhere, it seems Chart Ready Reckoner is continuing its march across the U.S. Apparently it has recently been featured in the playlist of 93XRT in Chicago, which is a welcome surprise. Thanks to all those of you who emailed me to tell me about it!