Chart Ready Reckoner 3rd Oct 2008
Chart Ready Reckoner

Radiohead have recently started a new remix competition, so I decided to have a go and submit an entry. The track they want people to remix this time is Reckoner, taken from their recent In Rainbows album. Though they no doubt benefit themselves from the extra publicity generated, I think it's great that they are giving others the opportunity to remix their work. For myself, regardless of the quality of the remix I end up with, it's always instructive to be able to hear the recorded tracks from the big-studio bands in their (nearly) raw state. (The tracks are given to potential entrants as sub-mixed stems rather than the pure tracks themselves. It would have been even cooler to get all the original tracks completely dry and unmixed, but I'm sure that would have created a logistical nightmare, both for the band and for so many entrants trying to download perhaps 32 or more separate tracks!)

For my remix I took the vocal from the middle-eight in the original song and built it into a chorus, making the structure of the song more like that of a traditional pop song. I kept the vocal tracks, hand percussion, and the strings from the latter part of the original version, and added new guitars, bass, drums, a really basic piano part (pretty much the limit of my piano playing ability), and some more strings. Oh, and also some backing vocals. I felt a little embarrassed putting my own voice alongside Thom Yorke's, but my track really needed the extra harmonies in the chorus, and I think Thom would probably have been too busy... ;-)

Overall, I guess the result is perhaps more akin to something Radiohead might have done around the time of The Bends album. It's pretty accessible, so for that reason I've named my remix Chart Ready Reckoner. You can hear the song below and on the Music downloads page. If you like the track, please consider voting for it on the Radiohead remix website. Just click here to visit the voting page, and then click the little 'plus' button next to my name to a register a vote. Cheers!

Chart Ready Reckoner
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